Flooring is the heart and soul of the house that makes you feel welcome

When you invest in a house the first thing that you need to take care is the flooring. This is the single most important part of the house because this is the first thing a guest lays his eyes on. Hence they judge you based on this. There a multiple plethora of flooring that you … Continue reading “Flooring is the heart and soul of the house that makes you feel welcome”

When you invest in a house the first thing that you need to take care is the flooring. This is the single most important part of the house because this is the first thing a guest lays his eyes on. Hence they judge you based on this. There a multiple plethora of flooring that you can decide on. Starting from wooden flooring that gives you a classic look to a warm condition inside the house there a vinyl flooring that comes cheaper but serves the purpose. Then there are flooring like tiles, marbles and even Venetian plaster that is beautiful but expensive. Since the importance is flooring is understood it is needed for the owner to ensure to hire a well known Singapore flooring company who is experienced in this field and they will ensure that the right material suitable for your requirements is laid. When you ensure that the best is hired only the best service is provided.


How to maintain the beautiful flooring


The job of the owner is not over here. To have a well furnished gleaming floor is a proud moment for the owner but maintain it that way is not easy. Hence the next step that needs to be done is to hire a well known part time maid who will ensure that the floor will always remain gleaming. These maids are experienced and they know how to clean the floor effectively. Again some materials cannot be washed with any other material other than simple soap solutions. If you use acids to clean stains on marbles, the floor will be discolored due to the oxidation effect. Hence it is important to hire experienced people in this aspect. The need to have knowledgeable people is immense.


Kinds of flooring

The kinds of flooring are a huge number. You have to select among them based on what you require, what weather conditions you live in and what is the output you need. This means whether you want to get a classy look or whether you are aiming for the stylish or contemporary look. You should also hire someone well known for wpc outdoor decking if you have plans for a deck area. You cannot place some materials outside exposed to sun and rain. Same way not all wooden materials can be used everywhere. Since wood is susceptible to humidity, if you take wood that absorbs water in a humid climatic condition the whole house will creak.


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How to Find the Flooring that is Perfect for You

When you’re considering new flooring there are many factors to help you figure out which options are the best for you. Most people know that they love hardwood flooring as it is durable and easy to keep clean. When you go to look at flooring options you will most likely be overwhelmed at the many choices you are faced with besides even the colors and styles of flooring you want. Take these factors into consideration to help you decide which flooring to go with to fit your lifestyle and tastes perfectly.


Wood-Look Tile Flooring

This is a great option for someone who is looking for something very durable. It has the strength of tile but looks exactly like hardwood flooring. If you’re wanting to put hardwood floors in a high moisture area like a bathroom or kitchen or even if you live in a humid climate this is a great option for you. You won’t have to worry about the moisture ruining your floors and you can rest easy knowing that your floors will last a lifetime!


Hardwood Laminate

For an economical choice check out hardwood laminate. It goes together so easy by just clicking together and it typically will cost you less than regular wood floors would cost. Its scratch resistant so no need for polishing and it comes in a huge variety of colors and finishes. This is a great choice for a living space or a bedroom in a climate controlled area.


Vinyl Plank

This is a great choice for mudrooms or bathrooms as it is completely waterproof. It isn’t as easy to find in as many colors but it is durable and the price is not too bad either.


Prefinished Hardwood or Bamboo

This will give you the look of the classic hardwood floors you saw in your grandparents house growing up. Bamboo is very eco friendly and extremely durable while your classic hardwood flooring is also very durable but not quite as scratch resistant. Both come in a wide array of finishes and colors so you can find whatever shade you need to compliment your decor.


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