Eyes get glued where ‘beauty meets quality. WF Schmidt Construction Company LLC- Roofing contractors Maryland can help you with it. Based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, we offer residential and commercial roofing service in Maryland ad South Central Pennsylvania. Background: Owned and operated by a family. In the construction business since 1998. More than two decades of … Continue reading “CONTACTING THE RIGHT CONTRACTORS: A CRUCIAL STEP”

Eyes get glued where ‘beauty meets quality. WF Schmidt Construction Company LLC- Roofing contractors Maryland can help you with it. Based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, we offer residential and commercial roofing service in Maryland ad South Central Pennsylvania.


  • Owned and operated by a family.
  • In the construction business since 1998.
  • More than two decades of experience in providing the best roofing service for commercial and residential properties.


How We Work?

At WF Schmidt Construction Company, we place quality before quantity. Highly skilled professionals serve you with their best roofing repair and installation works. Materials used are highly durable. We care for your safety more than anything else. Customer satisfaction is our wealth.


What Makes Us Different?

Competition is a part of every business. Our professional and sincere way of working keeps us ahead in the market. Some of our specialities are as follows-


  • Punctuality and flexibility: These are our two valuable assets.  We deliver on time and work according to the needs of our customers.
  • Proper Quality Control and Professional Project Management.
  • Complete Service.
  • High quality roofing materials: Ensuring the usage of top notch products is our priority.


Accurate Lead Time and Flexible Scheduling:

Time is precious! A second lost is a penny lost. We, at WF Schmidt Construction Company LLC are very well aware of this and promise to deliver the work on time. Customers comfort comes first. So, we schedule the appointment that best suits the customer.

Quality Control and Project Management:

A Project Manager is assigned for every work that we undertake and is responsible for the smooth management of the project from start till end. Inspection is conducted even after the completion of work.

Quality of work is never compromised. Our technicians make sure that the roofing materials are fitted correctly and are done according to the specifications provided by manufacturer.

Full On Roofing Solution:

Our technicians are proficient enough to install, repair and maintain any type of roofing issues.

Premium Quality Service:

  • We have certified, trained and passionate team of technicians to deliver quality services.
  • We offer Manufacturer warranty together with our very own Special Labour warranty.
  • All these make our materials reliable and our services trustworthy.

Having both GAF and Versico EPDM certifications, we are authorised to provide residential/commercial roofing services. Our payment modes include Wells Fargo Financing Solutions and all major Credit Cards. Call on- 443-314-8950 to get in touch with a representative of roofing contractors Maryland. We are always at your service!


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